AeroSleep Sleep Safe Pack Evolution – 60×120


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AeroSleep has one dream: giving babies a safe sleep. All AeroSleep products are manufactured with the greatest care and accountability and are designed according to the highest quality standards.

Firm, comfortabel foam

The AeroSleep Safe Pack Evolution consists of a firm mattress in foam with a density of 35kg./m³ and a firm structure which ensures a perfect back support. The included mattress cover gives ventilation for the mattress core which makes the mattress last longer.


Thanks to the design of the unique mattress protector from AeroSleep your baby is guaranteed a safe and hygienic night’s sleep. The open 3D-structure of the fabric ensures that the baby can continue to breathe freely and doesn’t overheat in the cot. The mattress protector has an absorption layer which absorbs any fluids and the optimal air circulation ensures any fluids evaporate rapidly.


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