bébé-jou Bath Set Sense 7-Part Set


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Bathing time! With the bébé-jou Bath Set Sense 7-Part Set you’ll have everything at hand to bathe your child. This extensive set consists of 7 parts:

  • bath
  • nappy pail
  • bath stand
  • drain hose
  • bath thermometer
  • brush&comb
  • manicure set

Bath and bath stand

Make bath time a pleasant experience for both you and your baby with the bébé-jou Bath Sense. This bath is easy and safe to use. Attach the bath easily to the bath stand. This waym the bath is always on an ergonomic safe height and you’ll have better access to your child.

Nappy pail

Use the nappy pail to dispose diapers but also to fill and empty the bath. Use it in the nursery, bathroom or any other room where you change your little one and dispose of dirty diapers. Thanks to the lid nasty odours will stay captured inside it.

Drain hose

Drain the bath quickly with the drain hose. This drain hose has a nifty coupling