Coblo Magnetic Building Tiles Pastel 35 Pieces


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Children have endless playing fun with the Coblo Magnetic Building Tiles Pastel 35 Pieces. Make the most beautiful flat structures or crazy 3D creations. This colourful toy encourages creativity and stimulates the imagination. The set consists of 35 magnetic building stones in different shapes and colours. The stones have beautiful pastel colours. The bricks can be easily clicked together and easily detached again. Give the beautiful creation a place in your room or start a new project right away. Children won’t get bored with this fun set!

Open ended toys

Coblo makes open ended toys. This type of toy stimulates children’s creativity and imagination. In fact, there are no rules to play with the toys. Children decide each time what they will create. The educational toys teach children to recognise shapes and colours. Moreover, it also stimulates motor skills. In short, with Coblo nothing is too crazy and childrenlearn while they