Easywalker Jackey2 Buggy


Tuotetunnus (SKU): 161548 Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle

Travelling with a little one becomes a breeze with the Easywalker Jackey2 Buggy. This buggy combines ease of use and comfort for children like never before. With a carrying capacity of up to 22 kg. it is perfect for growing little ones. The stylish design makes the buggy not only practical for around town, but also an ideal travelling companion for holidays.

Easy to use and lightweight

The Easywalker Jackey2 Buggy is designed for busy parents who love style and simplicity. When travelling or on a city stroll, it’s easy to switch between walking and driving. The Easywalker Jackey2 folds into a compact package with just the push of a button. The lightweight package (only 8 kg.) stays put by itself. So you can put your child in the car seat without any worries and the buggy in the back.

Comfortable and sustainable

Experience every walk with your little one as pure fun with the Easywalker Jackey2. The buggy is made of