ELRO BC4000 Baby Monitor Royale


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When your little one sleeps or plays in another room, you can keep an eye on him with the ELRO BC4000 Baby Monitor Royale. This set consists of a touchscreen monitor and one camera. The baby monitor has a  XL touchscreen and several practical features, such as a connection with the ELRO Babycam app. This way you can also see your little one on your phone and receive notifications.

Practical features

The ELRO BC4000 Baby Monitor Royale has several practical features. Adjust the baby monitor to your wishes, so you can stay in another room without any worries. The large screen or your phone lets you keep an eye on the nursery and every movement, even in the dark. Additionally, it has a built-in night light, zoom function and the possibility to move the camera via the screen or app.


If your child doesn’t fall asleep easily, then play one of the 3 lullabies. With just the push of one button, the baby monitor plays sweet sounds.