Koeka Mom Bag Vik


Tuotetunnus (SKU): 149110 Osasto: Avainsana tuotteelle

The Koeka Mom Bag Vik contributes to the convenience of every mom! The stylish bag with corduroy fabric contains enough space for all the things you need on an adventure with your little one and fits perfectly around the pushbar of your buggy. Of course you can also wear the bag around your shoulder and there are 2 handy inner pockets where your can store your phone or keys. The Koeka Mom Bag Vik is lined with jersey and can be closed at the top with Velcro. There is a choice of different neutral colours, so always a bag to match your outfit!

Mountainous Vik

Vik is a remote town at the coast of Iceland. The peaceful atmosphere and picturesque mountains are the inspiration for the design of the Vik fabric. The lines and structure of the sturdy corduroy reminds of the mountainous landscape. Although these mountains might seem rough, the fabric is super soft and huggable. Vik brings a trendy retro vibe into your nursery.


  • size: 58 x