Korbell Nappy Disposal System 16 litre


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The Korbell Nappy Disposal System is the first Nappy Disposal with the convenience of a normal pedal bin. The Korbell Nappy Disposal System is, in despite of the effective locking system, very easy to use. It works like a normal pedal bin, which is very handy when you are busy changing your baby. After use, you can simply put it on the childsafety so your baby can not reach the dirty diapers.

Odor resistant

Odors in the nursery are history thanks to the modern Nappy Disposal from Korbell. The double locking system ensures that bad odors will not get a chance to escape. The extra valve closes after each diaper that you throw away. The rubber seal is an extra help against bad smells.

No waste of filler material

Thanks to the cutting system the Korbell Nappy Disposal is very efficient in the use of fillings. Everybody knows that wasting fillings is a shame. That is the reason why Korbell doesn’t use ”normal” trash bags. You place the filling into the