Lodger Hopper 4-Seasons Sleeping Bag – 68/98


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With the Lodger Hopper 4-Season Sleeping Bag, your child will enjoy comfort and quality all year round. Thanks to its innovative design, the sleeping bag can be used in all seasons. Use the breathable summer sleeping bag in the warm months, the winter sleeping bag in the colder months and for extra warmth simply zip both parts together.

Innovative design

The Lodger Hopper 4-Season Sleeping Bag consists of two separate parts. A breathable sleeping bag with a TOG value of 0.3. And a warm winter sleeping bag with a TOG value of 3.2. Use the parts separately or zip them together for extra warmth. Combined, the sleeping bag offers a TOG value of no less than 3.5. With the detachable sleeves, you can create even more airflow or extra warmth. The sleeping bag is made of 100% breathable cotton. Your child will enjoy optimal sleeping comfort in this comfy sleeping bag.

Grows with your child

It even has more innovative features, as the sleeping bag grows with