Maxi-Cosi Soothe Light&Sound


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The Maxi-Cosi Soothe Light&Sound creates the perfect sensory experience for a calm, relaxed nursery. Personalize your baby’s sleep routines with soothing lights, sounds and sleep-inducing lullabies. As your child grows from a newborn to toddler, you can help teach them with personalized ‘time-to-rise’ settings. The Maxi-Cosi Soothe Light&Sound is one of four smart nursery products controlled by one single app.

Soothing sounds

Choose between over 20 music tracks and soothing sounds combined with a full spectrum of calming colours to help soothe your little one. As your baby grows, you can start with calming lights and sounds for newborn and then transition to teach‘time-to-rise’ for toddlers. Via the app, you can control, programme and adjust music, light and colour brightness and create your own sensorial nursery scenes.

Connected Home

The Connected Home collection of Maxi-Cosi is a stylish range of smart sensory nursery products