Nomi Baby Base


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With the Nomi Baby Base, your child is involved in eating at the table from birth. This set is specially developed for the Nomi High Chair (sold separately) and directly attached to the wooden chair base. Place the Nomi Baby Mattress (sold available) on the base, to make sure your little one sits comfortably. Because of the higher position, your child sits at the table with the rest of the family. The first bites, games and eye contact are very important for both parent and child. Use the horizontal position for the first 8– 10 weeks. When your little one is older than 8 weeks, you can move the Nomi Baby Base to a more upright position.


  • can only be used in combination with the Nomi High Chair and Nomi Baby Mattress (both parts are sold separately)
  • including belts
  • suitable from 8 months
  • both horizontal and vertical positions possible
  • easy to move

Nomi Baby Basis