Påhoj Bike Seat&Stroller


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Combine pleasant bike rides with fun walks without having to take an extra stroller. The Påhoj Bike Seat&Stroller is easily converted from a stroller to a bike seat and vice versa. The Påhoj Bike Seat&Stroller is lightweight and has an adjustable handle. You simply fold down the back legs while cycling, which makes the bike seat half the size. The backrest has ventilation holes, which ensures a pleasant temperature. Moreover, the holes prevent wind resistance when cycling with an empty seat. The Påhoj Bike Seat&Stroller is attached to the bicycle frame with an adapter. The adapter is suitable for bikes and approved for round tube frames with a diameter of 28-40 mm. Create unforgettable memories with the Påhoj Bike Seat&Stroller. What’s your next cycling and walking adventure?

Ride with it. Walk with it.

Påhoj is a Swedish company founded by industrial designer Lycke von Schantz. Påhoj believes that cycling should be the way everyone travels.