Pink Peach Mijn 9 Maanden Invulboek


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Experience your pregnancy even more conciously with Mijn 9 maanden Invulboek Linnen. Answer fun questions weekly, collect pictures and bundle all the important moments you’ll experience during these 9 months. An incredibly valuable gift for now and later. During your pregnancy there’s so much going on, that it’s impossible to remember everything. Won’t it be a shame when all memories of the most special, funny or heartwarming moments are lost because of this?Write it down, and add matching pictures, ultrasounds, cards and personal stories. This way you’ll complete your own unique story and look back on it whenever you want. Mijn 9 Maanden Invulboek Linnen, you can’t give or receive a more special gift.

Pink Peach

Pink Peach has an assortment of beautiful, personal fill-in books to capture your own special moments. It’s so nice to be able to look back on your pregnancy and everything that came with it, the fun babyshower which was especially organized for you and of