SnüzPod4 Starter Bundle


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Create a comfortable sleeping place with the complete SnüzPod4 Starter Bundle. The set consists of a SnüzPod4 Co-Sleeper, mattress protector, 2-pack fitted sheets and a SnüzCloud Baby Sleep Aid. With this complete set, you have everything you need for sweet dreams and a good night’s sleep.

SnüzPod4 Co-sleeper

With the SnüzPod4 Co-Sleeper, feeding becomes easy and you always sleep close to your child. Use the cradle from birth until your child is 6 months old. The cradle comes with a breathable and comfortable mattress. Additionally, the cradle is easily attached to most beds with the loops. Detach one of the sidesto have easy access to your child to, for example, give a pacifier.

A comfortable night’s sleep

Besides a comfortable and breathable mattress, the SnüzPod4 Co-Sleeper helps regulate your child’s temperature. The cradle has unique ventilation openings, breathable mesh lining and bottom ventilation. These